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Games People Play

Have you heard of Jane McGonigal? Until yesterday, I hadn’t, which now makes me feel like I was perhaps living under a rock for quite some time. But thanks to meeting up with a friend yesterday who cites Jane as “his hero”, I feel grateful to learn about her and her amazing, positive work around gaming and how it can change the world.

I don’t relate to the term gaming, but when I asked my friend what constituted a game, his response was along the lines of this: “A game is anything where we create a set of artificial obstacles (rules) to achieve an end goal”. So, all sports, board games, anything – really, that fits that definition, is a game. And if you partake, you’re a gamer. So, now that I know I’m a gamer (aren’t we all?) – what can we do as “gamers” to change the world?

McGonigal’s “Ted talk” can more easily convey some of her grand and beautifully elegant ideas than I ever could. Her breakthrough thinking could easily change our collective lives, and already has. Learn about the history of “gaming” and about some of McGonigal’s real-life applications that have tackled peak oil, famine, and disease.

2 thoughts on “Games People Play

  1. stefania

    YES! Have totally heard of her – amazing, amazing. Thanks for posting about her – I’m reminded to pick up her book!
    (ps she also has the same name as my voice tutor from when I was 12!)

  2. Chas

    This is so simple, straightforward and totally possible. I love her delivery, her perspective and above all, her premise. She has hit a nerve with her “epic win” concept. There’s something universal about our love of games, winning big, playfulness and directness.